Tapping into Your Intuition

Think back to a time when you had a “gut feeling” about something. Maybe it was a person, place, event, situation, job, etc. We have all been there before...when we felt as though we knew something before it even fully played out. This my friends was your intuition.

Now, I know we all know what our intuition is and have heard of it plenty of times before. For some, maybe this is something you know but just don’t think about much. Or maybe this is a term that really resonates with you and you feel you have a deep understanding of what it is and what it means in your life. Either way, I am writing this to not only further the discussion around this topic, but then also share why this is important to me and how it has become the catalyst for me to help clients (and hopefully you!).

I always like to begin an article like this by defining whatever it is i am talking about. The basic definition of “intuition” is: the ability to know and understand something immediately without conscious reasoning. It is something we know from instinctive feelings, rather than conscious thoughts.

So going back to that common “gut feeling” concept - it is that inner knowingness about something or someone. And most of the time (or all of the time) the mind can’t fully comprehend what that feeling is, why that feeling is there, or how you even got that feeling in the first place.

I would like to take this a step further. I like to think that we have two parts of ourselves: the mind and the soul. We enter onto this earth with our soul and we need the mind as part of the human experience to function within this reality.

The mind represents ego, thoughts, conscious reasoning. And then the soul represents Self, feelings, intuition. I will just put a quick note here to say that I am not writing this to say one is good one is bad, right one is wrong. We need and require both - the mind and the soul. But the purpose of this article is to acknowledge the difference, and discuss the benefits of tapping into the intuition.

So let’s go there, why even tap into the intuition or focus on what we are feeling? I believe it is from the seat of our intuition that we can access our truth, and live within our essential nature. This means: fulfilling our purpose, speaking our truth, living in balance and harmony, and ultimately our most joy-filled life.

The truth is that the mind and ego will constantly make up stories and constantly create ideas, limiting thoughts, things like “we should,” “we could,” etc. So while we do need the mind to function in this reality, it can get in the way, especially when it comes to living within our essential nature.

Let’s imagine for a second that you actually followed what you felt, deep down. And not only followed that feeling, but then allowed those feelings to be what guides you in terms of how you live your life and who you surround yourself with. This would mean, for example, having a job that felt really good to go to everyday. Spending your time with people who bring positivity into your life and lift your spirits. Filling your free time with activities that bring you joy. And even simply eating foods you know make your feel energized and nourished.

These tend to be very common areas of our lives that we allow the mind to take over and create a story as to why we need to make whatever decision we are making, even if it doesn’t feel great. Let’s take the job for example. So many people stay in jobs or careers because the mind is telling them there is no other option, no other opportunity. Even though going to that job everyday causes negative feelings, the mind keeps you there. Or the foods we eat, for example. When I used to eat meat I remember always feeling so nauseous after eating red meat, but I would do it because my mind was telling me that I was “supposed to” even though it made me feel so bad after.

These examples could go on and I am sure your mind is flooded with other scenarios in your personal life or within the life of a loved one where the mind has taken over and restricted the ability to actually follow what the soul desired. I believe this is why so many people suffer from things like anxiety, digestive issues, low energy levels, lack of sleep, and more.

Therefore, the benefit in tapping into our intuition is so we can live a life we are meant to live and truly feel fulfilled. When we operate from this place, we are living within our essential nature, fully in our truth, in every aspect and area of our lives. This could apply to something as big as your career and where you live, down to the food you eat for each meal, how you move your body and even the thoughts you choose to think and words you choose to speak.

The result when we do this and follow what our soul desires, living the life we are truly meant to live is: joy, balance, harmony, inner peace and an overall greater sense of self awareness.

Now that I am sure you are fully convinced and want to tap into YOUR intuition, let’s give you the “how.” The way to tap into your intuition is simply by quieting the mind and listening to what your being/body FEELS. I found the best way to do this is through meditation. By having a daily meditation practice, you develop the pattern of “checking in” with yourself on a daily basis to see what is going on once you quiet the mind and listen to your body. What I have experienced as a result of making this practice a ritual, is that over time, you instinctively operate from this place of greater self awareness with ease. It almost becomes your constant state of being, which in turns leads to those amazing aforementioned qualities of joy, balance, harmony and inner peace.

There are also other ways of tapping into your intuition, like Reiki or different movement and meditation practices like soundbaths and yoga nidra. The best thing to do is find what works for you and make it a ritual, so you too can start operating from that place of inner knowingness and self awareness without having to overthink it, which is what the mind will want you to do or make you think you need to do.

Before we get to the fun part of how I can help you, I want you to think of a time when you did listen to your intuition. When you did eat the food that made you feel good, went to the amazing workout your body loves, left the job you weren't happy with, or chose to spend your free time with people who truly lift you up. Think about how that felt. It feels pretty damn good, am I right? It feels light, easy, fulfilling, and joyful!

This is the exact work I am extremely passionate about, helping people tap into their intuition so those amazing feelings can start to become their reality. This is why I re-worked my 7 Week Program to be the “Intuitive You Program,” which you can find on my Offerings page. It is a 7 Week Program designed completely for YOU. Each week we would have an hour long session, which could consist of Reiki, yoga, meditation support, nutrition support, etc. - whatever it is you need that fits your lifestyle. The overarching goal for the 7 Weeks is to help you tap into your intuition, so you can operate from your place of inner knowingness, which will influence the choices you make in your daily life to help you find joy, fulfillment, balance, harmony, and inner peace.

As always, no matter what I am here to help you in any way possible, so feel free to comment below with any questions or reach out to me directly on my Contact Page - I would love to hear from you! If anything, I hope this inspires you to at least try following your intuition for one day this week and see how you feel. Chances are…you will feel pretty damn good… :)