Manifesting seems to be quite the buzz word these days. Whether it is your relationship, dream job, home or vacation, it seems everything can be manifested. But what does that even mean and does manifesting even work…? For those of us who are a bit more practical, manifesting can seem far-fetched or unrealistic. If you want something, you need to take steps to gain whatever that is. You can’t just wish it up, right? Well, not entirely.

I am here to share that manifesting does actually work! And I am also going to give my three steps on how to manifest so you can get closer to whatever it is you desire!

First - my story - because I know some will need the proof =) This past January I attended Danielle Cuccio’s vision board workshop. I had never made a vision board before, but my roommate introduced me to Danille at an Alo Workshop and I knew I needed to give this a try. When I attended the workshop I was single and still trying to get my career off the ground in LA. I had a lot of dreams and goals, places I wanted to visit and people I wanted to work needless to say, it was really easy for me to fill my board! The way Danielle has us make the board is based on 9 different categories, so it was also easy to organize and ensure that you were highlighting all aspects of your life.

Before I continue I also wanted to mention that I had been doing a lot of self work and inner work around love. I was clearing old thought patterns, letting go of past relationships and also really feeling into what it was I wanted in a partner (and journaling about it!) ((maybe the next blog post…?)).

Below are some pictures from my vision board.

I was manifesting a loving relationship with connection, honesty, passion and romance. I was dreaming up leading workshops with women I look up to like Fern Olivia, studying under women like Kelsey Patel and Caley Alyssa, partnering with brands like Alo Yoga and working at events like The Good Fest. Aside from my career, I also put places I want to travel, one of which being the south of Spain. For the longest time I have been wanting to go to “the south of Spain” but never knew where exactly. So when I was making my board I asked my dear friend Giuditta who is from Milan to suggest a popular southern spainish city and she mentioned Seville. So I googled that and put a picture of Plaza de Espana (not even knowing what it was at the time).

Since that workshop in January I have gone through Caley’s mentorship program, done all three of Kelsey’s Reiki trainings, hosted a workshop at Alo with Fern, worked the Good Fest with Kesley and landed my first teaching job as a yoga instructor. As if that isn’t already enough, I also met my amazing boyfriend, Danny, in February who has shown me that I am worthy of all that I have and do desire. Oh and I am not done... Before meeting me, Danny had a huge trip to Spain booked for the entire month of June. Since I had two weddings on the east coast at the end of June, we thought it would be fun for me to meet him in Spain. When looking at the dates and seeing where in Spain he would be around the time I would get over there, guess where I needed to fly into? SEVILLE! I can remember that moment I literally had chills everywhere. So while some might say this is all a conencide, all I have to say is that Spain has many cities and what are the chances he would be an hour outside of Seville the exact time I would be done with the weddings and ready to fly there?! It was all too crazy!

There are still many things on my board that I am manifesting, and these are just a few of the examples that have since come to fruition. But I am hoping that maybe I have convinced you that manifesting CAN work! And the best part? Now it is your turn! Here are my three steps on how to manifest...

  1. Go inward and get clear. First and foremost you need to know what you want and what you desire. Or I should say - what your soul wants. Not what your mind thinks you need or want, but what you really truly desire. And in order to figure that out, you need to quiet the mind, go inward, and listen. The best way to do this? Meditate. Journal. Anything that really quiets the mind and allows you to explore the depths of your soul to know what it is you really, really want.

  2. Visualize it and feel it. After you know what you want - start to see it and feel it. Make a vision board, write out a list of qualities you want in that person or that job. Then actually act like you have that position or you are in that relationship. What does it look like, how does it feel? Or maybe it is a dream home. Where is it, what does it smell like, how much light is coming in, what colors are the walls. It doesn’t matter if you are writing these things down, printing out pictures for a vision board, or taking yourself on a meditative visualization journey. The point is - see it, get it out to the universe and feel it. And most importantly, know you are worthy of it!

  3. Act on it. We can’t sit on our butts meditating and journaling and just expect things to happen, right? So now that you know what you want, you have seen it and put it out there, take small steps. I met Danny on hinge - I took a small step by downloading a dating app to not only signify that I was open, but to also meet men. Did I think I would fall in love? No. But did it happen? Yes, and I believe it is because I did the work. Same with the job. I didn’t just hope for a teaching job - I reached out to gyms and went on auditions. However, I do believe that manifesting is powerful because it not only helps you get crystal clear on what you want, it also helps to put your dreams out into the universe so you can be drawn to the right people, places and opportunities. So while those moments might seem like they are serendipitous, there is actually something much larger at work that has your back.

These steps might seem overwhelming, so if that is the case start small. Maybe think of one small thing and journal about it, write down some qualities or descriptions and see how it goes. Do what feels right for you, follow your intuition and know you really are worthy of all you desire!

As always I am here to answer any questions and would love to support you on your journey - comment below or reach out directly through my Connect page!

With love,

Nicolette Ficchi