Nicolette works with clients to help them feel their best through food and lifestyle changes by offering tools to help clients tap into their intuition. Each client is given an individualized wellness program based on their needs and goals.  Nicolette believes in leading a balanced lifestyle rooted in mindfulness and is passionate about supporting her clients as they work toward optimal health and happiness. 

7 Week Intuitive You Program

60 Minutes Per Session | $700

The ultimate reset and revamp for your life, giving you all Nicolette has to offer. The 7 Week Intuitive You Program consist of weekly hour-long appointments designed around your health and wellness needs, making it completely unique for every client. Each week we meet and set small attainable goals, review progress, and incorporate changes in a way that works for your lifestyle. These 7 sessions could include any combination of nutrition support, Reiki sessions, private yoga sessions, implementing a meditation practice, and more. This program was created to offer you the consistent support you need to help you tap into your intuition in order to break habits and implement new practices to live a more healthy and balanced life. 

Benefits could include: reduce stress, increase in energy, better sleep, greater sense of self, more balance and harmony, feelings of inner peace and more!

Free 30 Minute Consultation Offered to Each Client Before Committing


60 Minutes | $125

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that works to bring the bodies energy back into balance and harmony. The technique of Reiki works with the Universal Life Force Energy that exists within each of us to promote healing and deep relaxation. Nicolette offers 60-minute one-on-one sessions where she helps clients remove energetic blockages, reduce stress, gain new insights, and deepen their levels of spiritual fulfillment. Reiki is an extremely safe practice and is available for anyone looking to bring more balance and relaxation into their lives.

60 Minutes | $125

Certified in Yoga and Thyroid Yoga, Nicolette blends traditional vinyasa flow with Thyroid Yoga postures and sequences, to bring a unique experience to each and every client. Nicolette believes that there is not one perfect yoga class that is out there for everyone, which is why she works very closely with each student to meet their needs and goals. Private yoga sessions are one hour long and can also include essential oils, aromatherapy, as well as light Reiki adjustments.

Private Yoga

Thyroid Yoga®

60-120 Minutes | Price Upon Request

Thyroid Yoga® classes weave traditional yoga with breath work, meditation and essential oil aromatherapy application to specifically target the thyroid, adrenals, lungs, liver and lymphatic system to facilitate an instant feeling of rejuvenation, energy, and mental clarity. Sessions can be private, in small groups or in class settings.